Valon Binance Metaverse
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Top Metaverse, Gaming, and NFT Project to Watch in 2022

What Is Valon?

Valon virtual reality is a project in Binance Smart Chain where users own land, properties and items. Create your own virtual worlds such as apartments, mansions, museums or outside areas in the expanding world of Valon. The ecosystem combines together an NFT marketplace and an independent decentralized exchange, creating an ever-changing and interactive world, empowering the content creators and users alike.

Valon Project Has 3 Main Components

* Virtual Reality & Metaverse
* NFT Marketplace
* Decentralized Exchange

The Virtual Reality & Metaverse

* Own properties like apartments, houses, castles or outside areas
* Buy & sell NFT items such as: furniture, tv, painting, sculpture, etc.
* Build a personalized virtual reality world and showcase to others
* Auction House for selling properties
* Multiplayer & Socializing

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