Valon BSC Metaverse

Valon Metaverse

Valon Virtual World is a Metaverse project in Binance Smart Chain where users own Land and Properties, combined together with an NFT Marketplace


Properties are user owned VR spaces such as apartments, mansions, castles or outside areas. Generate one randomly or buy directly from the Marketplace


Properties are decorated by items. An item is an object purchased from the marketplace and attached to a property such as TV, Sofa, Bed, Table, Painting, Sculpture, etc.

Land Plots

Users can purchase land and place their properties there for everyone to see. Build a single house or a village, it is up to you

Auction House

Users will be able to sell their properties, together with the items, in the Auction House.

VR World

All of this ties together the Valon World. It is a place to build, earn, socialize and showcase your work to other people

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