How To Use Valon decentralized exchange

Connect a Wallet

  1. Download MetaMask for Google Chrome (or use a mobile wallet such as TrustWallet)
  2. Generate yourself a new private-public key pair
  3. Add BNB into your account (you can find several exchanges, we recommend Binance)
  4. Transfer the BNB into your wallet public address. Make sure to use BSC Network (BEP20)
  5. Open Valon DEX & Connect to Binance Smart Chain network
  6. You can find "Add BSC Network" button from our app by clicking the "Connect" button.

Buy & Sell Tokens

  1. Go to Valon DEX and click "Connect". If connected, you should see your wallet address on the top bar
  2. Navigate to "Exchange" from the left menu and choose "Swap"
  3. Select the coins you want to trade
  4. Unlock both coins by clicking the "Unlock" button
  5. Execute the trade by hitting "Swap"
  6. Approve the transaction from your wallet
  7. Wait until the transaction finishes and check your wallet

Note: You might need to add the received token into your wallet for it to become visible! Find the token address by navigating "Profile"

Earn Rewards & Staking

  1. Become a liquidity provider by navigating "Add Liquidity". You will be adding tokens into a pool. Eg. BNB-VALO
  2. Select the coins you want to provide, unlock both and adjust the amount. Ratio will be updated automatically unless it is a new pair
  3. Click "Add Liquidity", approve transaction from your wallet and wait until it finishes
  4. You should have now received Liquidity Pool Tokens (LPT). Confirm your LPT balance from the same page or navigating "Remove Liquidity"
  5. To earn VALO rewards, you will need to stake the LPT you have into farms. Navigate "Farms"
  6. Find a farm with your coin pair, eg. VALO-BNB farm, unlock it and add stake. The more you add, the more your rewards will be
  7. Hit "Claim" any time to transfer the rewards into your wallet. This will not end the staking
  8. Wait for the rewards to update in real time. Once you wish to end staking hit "remove" and take out your LPT. After go to "Remove Liquidity", find your pair and remove the provided coins from the pool
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