Valon is a Virtual Reality World powered by Unreal Engine where users can own Land & Real Estate
Create Virtual Properties such as Apartments, Buildings, Arenas, Commercial Shopping Centers and Transform them into unique NFT’s

Virtual Reality

Valon Virtual Reality is a project in Binance Smart Chain where users own land, properties and items.

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What is Crypto?


What is Valon


Valon token (VLON) is a BEP20-token living in Binance Smart Chain. Our goal is to create a platform for trading virtual items and completely user owned customized virtual reality worlds


We introduce our custom made DeFi app that makes providing liquidity and earning rewards easy


Create, Buy & Sell NFT's in our marketplace. Every NFT has a function inside the Valon Virtual Realm

What is Crypto?

Virtual Reality & NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Together with our partners, we are creating a virtual world built from NFT's. We want to give the user a freedom to customize and sell his work to a great extent.


Our financial protocol is built by security & privacy in mind. We combine a full fledged decentralized exchange platform, NFT marketplace & virtual world together to function as a complete economy

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Virtual Reality

Our Virtual World is truly beautiful, powered by PlayCanvas enabling beautiful graphics to run even on low-end machines, browsers and smartphones

Build houses and decorate apartments with the Valon Asset Manager & Editor brought to you by our trusted partners

Interact & socialize with other users, the possibilities are endless. Our plan is to scale Valon to become an extensive metaverse




Read The Whitepaper & Metaverse Introduction

The paper explains our mission and contains a more in depth explanation of the tech layer. The token mechanics are deciphered together with the virtual reality stack.

Roadmap Estimation

2021 Q1
Valon Idea

Virtual Reality Partnership

2021 Q2 - Q4
Token Contract

Staking Contract

Virtual Worlds Demo

Valon DEX Testnet

2022 Q1
DEX Mainnet Release

Staking & Liquidity

2022 Q2
DEX Dev / Fixing Bugs


DEX Promotion & Partnerships
2022 Q3 - Q4
NFT Launch

Community Building
2023 Q1 - Q3
Ideas for Virtual World

Raising money for development

NFT ideas & development

Community building & sales
Live Now
2023 Q4
Virtual World demo

VR development

Valon token



VLON needs to be minted through staking. Our algorithm uses a difficulty variable that limits the rewards the more time passes

Total Supply: 500 000 000
Reward cap: 400 000 000

The difficulty is based on reward cap. Once the cap is reached, the rewards will remain minimum. We don't have a strict max supply. This benefits early investors the most.

DeFi & Staking
Liquidity providers are the cornerstone of our DeFi. They mine new VLON by staking liquidity pool tokens (LPT) into farms

Token Distribution


Sold in ICO 2% of the max supply

Marketing, Airdrops & Events etc. 4%

Liquidity 5%

Developers 4%

Liquidity Mining & Rewards 80%

Team: 5%

Total Supply 500 million VLON

Symbol: VLON

Type: BEP20